The Kandisin calorie-calculator

You want to know the calories of your recipe and alternatives to reduce them, the KANDISIN calorie calculator will help you!

The Kandisin calorie-calculator
After Eight 1 piece.
Apple 1 whole
Apple dumpling 1 piece
Apple juice 1/4l
Apple juice/sparkling water 1/4l
Apple sauce 1 portion
Apple strudel 1 piece
Apricot dumplings
Apricots, stewed
Asparagus 100g
asparagus buttered
Bacardi Cola 1/4l
Bacon, fatty 100g
Bacon, marbled 100g
Banana 1 whole.
Baquette with topping 1 piece
Bean salad
Bean soup 1/4l
Beef bouillon with sliced pancake 1/4l
Beef steak with fried egg 1 portion
Beef stew
Beef Tartare 1 portion
Beef, braised with onions
Beef, fatty 100g
Beef, lean 100g
Beef, marbled 100g
Beef, rolled steaks
Beer alcohol-free 1/4l
Beetroot salad
Big Mac
Bitter Lemon 1/4l
Black currant juice 1/4l
Black currants 100g
Black pudding 100g
Blackberries 100g
Bloody Mary 5 cl
Boeuf Stroganoff
Boiled ham 100g
Boiled noodles
Bottle of beer 1/2l
Bread dumplings
Bread dumplings, egged, fried
Bread Pumpernickel 100g
Bread roll 1 piece
Bread roll with butter
Bread roll with half fat margarine
Bread soup 1/4l
Bread toast 1 piece, 50g
Bread toast 100g
Bread toast with butter 1 piece
Bread toast with reduced fat margarine 1 pc
Bread white 100g
Breadcrumbs 100g
Brie 50% fat 100g
Brioche crescent
Broccoli 100g
Brussels witloof 100g
Burenwurst(boiled sausage)mustard, bread
Butter 100g
Butter cheese 50% fat, 100g
Buttermilk 1/4l
Cabbage salad
Calamari, fried
Calf tongue 100g
Calves brain 100g
Camembert 30% fat, 100g
Camembert 50% fat, 100g
Campari 5cl
Campari Orange 1/4l
Cappuccino with sugar
Carrot juice 1/4l
Carrots 100g
Cauliflower 100g
Cauliflower with buttered breadcrumbs
Caviar 100g
Cervelat 100g
Cevapcici with mustard
Champagne 0,1l
Cheese board with bread
Cheese dumplings
Cheese fondue
Cheese sausage with bread and mustard
Cheese soufflé
Cheese spread 25g
Cheese spread 45% fat, 100g
Cherries, sweet 100g
Chewing gum
Chicken meat without skin 100g
Chicken salad
Chicken soup with meat
Chicken, crumbed and fried 1/2
Chicken, grilled 1/2
Chicken, roast 1/2
Chicken,braised in paprika/sour cream sauce
Chilli con Carne
Chinese cabbage 100g
Chocolate 100g
Chocolate cake 100g
Chocolate cat tongues
Chocolate filling
Chocolate log
Chocolate pudding, steamed
Chocolate, small bar
Clear soup with poached egg 1/4l
Clear vegetable soup 1/4l
Coca Cola 1/4l
Coca Cola light 1/4l
Cocoa 1/4l
Cod 100g
Cod fillet, crumbed
Codfish raw 100g
Cognac 2cl
Coley, crumbed, fried
Compote of berries
Cordon Bleu pork
Cordon Bleu turkey
Cordon Bleu veal
Corn flour 100g
Cornflakes with milk
Cottage cheese 100g
Cow's tongue 100g
Crackers 100g
Cream cheese 60% fat, 100g
Cream of chicken soup 1/4l
Cream strudel
Créme fraiche 100g
Crispbread 1 piece
Crispbread with butter 1 piece
Cucumber 100g
Cucumber salad with sour cream dressing
Custard cream square
Czech rolled bread dumplings
Deep fried dough (similar donuts)
Draught beer 1/2l
Draught beer 1/3l
Dumplings with meat filling
Edam cheese 40% fat, 100g
Egg salad
Egg white
Egg yolk
Egg, scrambled 2 eggs
Emmentaler 45% fat, 100 g
Endive 100g
Espresso black
False caviar 100g
Fennel 100g
Filet steak
Filled biscuits
Filled, rolled slices of ham
Fish kebab grilled
Fish patty in a roll
Florentines 1 piece.
Flour 100g
Flour dumplings
Flour dumplings, egged, fried
Frankfurter sausages,1 pair, roll, mustard
French fries
Fried egg 1 piece
Fried knockwurst dish
Fruit cake
Fruit juice drink 1/4l
Fruit salad
Fruit yoghurt 180g
Full fat milk 1/4l
Game birds 100g
Glühwein 1/4l
Gorgonzola 50% fat, 100g
Gouda 30% fat, 100g
Goulash from beef
Goulash from pork
Goulash from veal
Goulash soup 1/4l
Goulash Szegedin style
Goulash with potatoes
Grapefruit juice 1/4l
Grapes 100g
Green peas 100g
Green salad, vinaigrette
Green salad, yoghurt dressing
Gum bears
Haddock 100g
Ham & eggs with bread, 2 eggs
Ham & eggs, 2 eggs
Ham and noodles, baked
Ham luncheon 100g
Ham luncheon sausage 100g
Ham sandwich
Ham with fat 100g
Ham without fat 100g
Hard smoked sausage 100g
Hare 100g
Hawaii Toast
Hazelnuts 100g
Herring 100g
Honey 100g
Hot chocolate 1/4l
Ice-cream three scoops
Ice-cream, three scoops with whipped cream
Iced coffee
Irish Coffee
Jagdwurst (meat spread) 100g
Jam 100g
Jam dumpling
Kaiserschmarrn (sweet omelette with raisins)
Kandisin 1 tablet.
Kefir 180g
Kidney 100g
Knockwurst 100g
Knockwurst with mustard and bread
Kohlrabi 100g
Lamb chop
Lamb, lean 100g
Lamb, marbled 100g
Landjäger 1 piece
Leberkäse (ground pork loaf) 100g
Leberkäse (ground pork loaf) fried
Leberkäse, slice of in a roll
Leeks 100g
Lemonade 1/4l
Lentils and bacon
Lettuce 100g
Liver dumpling soup 1/4l
Liver pâté 100g
Liver sausage 100g
Liver, cow 100g
Luncheon sausage 1 slice
Luncheon sausage 100g
Luncheon sausage, poultry 100g
Mackerel 100g
Marble cake
Marble cake
Margarine 1/2 fat 100g
Margarine 100g
Mars bar
Marzipan potatoes
Mayonnaise 30% fat, 100g
Mayonnaise 50% fat, 100g
Meat paste 100g
Meat spread 100g
Melon with ham
Mettwurst(smoked sausage meat spread)100g
Milky Way
Milt 100g
Milt biscuit soup 1/4l
Mince cutlets
Mince patties 2 pieces
Minced beef 100g
Minced filet of beef 100g
Minced pork 100g
Mineral water
Minestrone 1/4l
Mixed grain bread 1 slice 50g
Mixed grain bread 100g
Mixed grain bread with butter, 1 slice
Mixed grain bread with margarine, 1 slice
Mixed Grill
Mixed meat kebab
Mixed salad
Mozzarella 100g
Muesli bar
Multi-vitamin juice 1/4l
Mushroom ragout
Mushroom soup 1/4l
Mushrooms 100g
Mushrooms plain 100g
Mushrooms with butter
Mussel soup 1/4l
Mussels in lemon sauce
Noodle soup 1/4l
Nut cake
Nut cake, creamy
Oil 0,1 l
Olives black 1 piece
Olives green 1 piece
Omelette farmer style
Omelette with spinach
Onion soup 1/4l
Onions 100g
Orange juice 1/4l
Orange juice thinned with water 1/4l
Ovomaltine 1/4l
Oysters 6 raw
Pancakes filled with chocolate sauce
Pancakes with jam
Parmesan 100g
Passion fruit juice 1/4l
Peach bowl
Peach Melba
Peanut puffs 100g
Peanuts 100g
Pear Helene
Pepper steak
Peppers green 100g
Peppers red 100g
Pike perch 100g
Pils beer 1/3l
Pistachios 100g
Ploughman's lunch 1 portion
Plum dumplings 2 pieces
Plums 100g
Popcorn 100g
Poppy seed cake
Pork cutlet, fried
Pork cutlet, grilled with herb butter
Pork escalope 150g
Pork liver 100g
Pork sausage with mustard/horseradish
Pork steak
Pork, fatty 100g
Pork, lean 100g
Pork, leg
Pork, marbled 100g
Pork, roast
Potato chips 100g
Potato salad
Potato salad with mayonnaise
Potato soup 1/4l
Potatoes 100g
Potatoes with butter
Potatoes with butter
Potatoes, baked
Potatoes, fried
Potatoes, mashed
Potatoes, plain boiled with salt
Prawns, fried, sauce tartare
Profiteroles soup 1/4l
Punch 1/4l
Quark 40% fat, 100g
Quark cake (similar to cheesecake)
Quark strudel
Quark, fat reduced 100g
Rabbit 100g
Radishes 100g
Raisins 100g
Raspberries 100g
Raspberry cordial with soda water 1/4l
Ravioli in tomato sauce
Raw sausagemeat 100g
Rice 100g
Rice boiled
Rice, meat and sauce
Roast beef Burgundy style
Roll with luncheon sausage
Rolled herring
Rum 2cl
Rump steak with fat
Rusk 100g
Rusk 75g
Salami 100g
Salmon 150g
Salt pretzels 100g
Salted almonds 100g
Salted bread roll
Salzburger Nockerl
Sangria 1/4l
Sardines 100g
Sauerkraut 100g
Sauteed chicken pieces
Sauteed pork pieces
Savoy cabbage 100g
Schnapps 2cl
Schwarzwald Cherry Cake
Semolina 100g
Semolina dumpling soup 1/4l
Sheep's cheese 40% fat, 100g
Slice bread with pork fat and onion
Sliced bread dumpling tossed in egg, fried
Smarties 100g
Smoked ham 100g
Smoked pork
Smoked salmon
Soda with lemon juice 1/4l
Sole 100g
Soletti 1 piece
Soletti 100g
Sour cream 100g
Sour cream soup 1/4l
Spaghetti 100g
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spaghetti Carbonara
Sparkling wine dry 0.1 l
Sparkling wine sweet 0.1 l
Sparkling wine with orange juice 0.2 l
Spinach 100g
Spinach with 1 fried egg
Sponge roll
Sponge roll with creamy filling
Sponge roll with jam
Spring roll 150g
Stewed apple 1 portion
Strawberries 100g
Strawberries and cream
Stuffed peppers
Styrian boiled pork with root vegetables
Sugar melon 100g
Sugar, 1 cube
Sugar, 1 tsp
Sugar, 100g
Sweet cider 1/4l
Sweet pastry filled with sweet meringue
Swiss sausage and cheese salad
Swiss sauteed veal
Szegedin stewed cabbage and meat
Tafelspitz (boiled beef)
Tea with lemon, without sugar 1/4l
Tea with rum and 3 sugar cubes 1/4l
Tequila 2cl
Tilsiter 45% fat, 100g
Toasted cheese sandwich with ketchup
Toasted sandwich, ham and cheese
Tomato juice 1/4l
Tomato salad
Tomato soup 1/4l
Tomatoes 100g
Tonic 1/4l
Tripe 100g
Trout 100g
Trout, fried
Tuna 100g
Turkey escalope 150g
Turkey luncheon meat 1 slice
Turkey without skin 100g
Tyrolean bread dumplings with bacon 2 pieces
Tyrolean hash
Underberg small bottle
Vanilla crescents
Veal cutlet fried
Veal escalope 150g
Veal, lean 100g
Veal, liver fried
Veal, liver fried/sour cream sauce
Veal, liver pâté 25g
Veal, marbled 100g
Veal, rolled roast
Veal, steak
Veal, stuffed breast
Vegetable juice 1/4l
Vegetables tossed in butter
Venison 100g
Venison from roe deer 100g
Viennese Soup 1/4l
Wafers 100g
Walnuts 100g
Watermelon 100g
Weizen beer 1/2 l
Whey 1/4l
Whipped cream 100g
Whisky 2cl
White cabbage with noodles
White coffee with sugar
White coffee without sugar
Whole grain bread roll
Wiener Schnitzel, pork 150g
Wiener Schnitzel, turkey 150g
Wiener Schnitzel, veal 150g
Wine, red 1/4l
Wine, red with soda 1/4l
Wine, rosé 1/4l
Wine, white 1/4l
Wine, white with soda 1/4l
Yoghurt dessert
Yoghurt fat reduced, 1 pot
Yoghurt full fat, 1 pot
Yoghurt muesli with fruit
Zucchini 100g

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BMI Calculator

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CategoryBMI (kg/m²)

Very severely underweight< 16,0

Severely underweight16,0 – 17,0

Underweight17,0 – 18,5

Normal18,5 – 25,0

Overweight25,0 – 30,0

Obese Class I30,0 – 35,0

Obese Class II35,0 – 40,0

Obese Class III> 40,0

CategoryBMI (kg/m²)

Very severely underweight< 13,5

Underweight13,5 – 14,0

Normal14,0 – 19

Overweight19,0 – 21,5

severely obese> 21,5

CategoryBMI (kg/m²)

Very severely underweight< 14,0

Underweight14,0 – 15,0

Normal15,0 – 21,5

Overweight21,5 – 24,5

severely obese> 24,5

CategoryBMI (kg/m²)

Very severely underweight< 15,5

Underweight15,5 – 16,5

Normal16,5 – 24,0

Overweight24 – 26,5

severely obese> 26,5

CategoryBMI (kg/m²)

Very severely underweight< 17,0

Underweight17,0 – 18,0

Normal18,0 – 25,5

Overweight25,5 – 28

severely obese> 28,0

BMI Calculator

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