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Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery:

  1. For payments received on our account within 14 calendar days from the invoice date, a discount of 2% applies; payments received on our account within 30 calendar days from the invoice date must be paid net cash. In the event of default, all costs incurred for the dunning and collection procedure must be reimbursed.
  2. All products supplied by TEEKANNE GmbH shall remain the property of TEEKANNE GmbH up until the purchase price, including any delivery costs, has been fully paid.

    The buyer shall have the right to process products supplied by TEEKANNE GmbH within the course of his due business operations. In the event of treatment, processing, mixing, combination or blending with third-party goods, co-ownership shall be created, at least in accordance with the proportion of the invoice value of the reserved-title goods to the value of labour and/or of the other processed goods. All goods processed in this manner are to be regarded as reserved-title goods in accordance with this contract, and shall be kept on our behalf by the buyer, free of charge.

    The buyer shall have the right to re-sell to third parties the products supplied by TEEKANNE GmbH within the course of his due business operations. Upon conclusion of the contract, the buyer already assigns all claims against his clients, including all ancillary rights, to TEEKANNE GmbH, shall, however, be entitled to collect such claims as long as he is not in default with regard to his payment obligations to TEEKANNE GmbH. TEEKANNE GmbH shall have the right to inform the buyer’s clients of the assignment and/or request that the buyer record the assignment in his books. The buyer shall also provide TEEKANNE GmbH with all documents and information required in order to assert the claims held by TEEKANNE GmbH. Should third parties obtain such assigned invoice sums, the buyer shall be obligated to request repayment by such third parties of this sum, and shall pay the sum out to TEEKANNE GmbH.
  3. Complaints relating to the supplied products must be reported to TEEKANNE GmbH without delay. Complaints are only valid if TEEKANNE GmbH receives such complaints not later than 10 days after receipt of the products.
  4. A delivery shall be deemed to have been made in accordance with the contract after expiry of 5 months from the agreed delivery date. After expiry of this period, objections against claims of TEEKANNE GmbH can no longer be based on the allegation that supply has not been affected.
  5. Deliveries shall be made carriage paid to destination. For deliveries below € 75.00, shipping costs amounting to € 4.00 shall be charged additionally.
  6. The prices applicable on the day of delivery shall apply; these include costs for „ARA“. Statutory value added tax (VAT) shall be charged on all prices.
  7. The framework conditions and terms agreed between TEEKANNE GmbH and the buyer constitute business secrets and may not be forwarded to third parties unless with TEEKANNE’s expressed approval.
  8. The data which TEEKANNE GmbH learns of within the framework of your orders will be stored and processed in the TEEKANNE GmbH IT system, and will be handled in accordance with data protection laws. The buyer declares his/her approval of the collection and processing of the data within the framework of the business relationship for purposes of handling of the contract, as well as for advertising purposes.
  9. TEEKANNE GmbH products are furnished with the EAN bar code. In the event of incorrect coding due to a fault on the part of TEEKANNE GmbH, TEEKANNE GmbH shall only be obligated to exchange the goods furnished with the incorrect coding.
  10. The laws of the Republic of Austria shall apply. The place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be 5020 Salzburg.

TEEKANNE GmbH, registered offices: Salzburg
Münchner Bundesstraße 120, 5020 Salzburg, Austria,
Court: LG (regional court) of Salzburg, FN: 53 166 k
VAT-ID: ATU 3379 3507, DVR: 0006611, EAN-GLN: 90 01475 000008,
ARA licence no.: 800
Last updated: October 2012

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