Calories - from A to Z

You want to know exactly how many calories? Here you can find around 500 groceries and their calories in alphabetical order.

Calories - from A to Z

After Eight 1 piece.34 kCal.

Apple 1 whole72 kCal.

Apple dumpling 1 piece449 kCal.

Apple juice 1/4l120 kCal.

Apple juice/sparkling water 1/4l60 kCal.

Apple sauce 1 portion114 kCal.

Apple strudel 1 piece372 kCal.

Apricot25 kCal.

Apricot dumplings200 kCal.

Apricots, stewed136 kCal.

Asparagus 100g21 kCal.

asparagus buttered270 kCal.

Bacardi Cola 1/4l179 kCal.

Bacon, fatty 100g805 kCal.

Bacon, marbled 100g485 kCal.

Banana 1 whole.99 kCal.

Baquette with topping 1 piece390 kCal.

Bean salad110 kCal.

Bean soup 1/4l212 kCal.

Beef bouillon with sliced pancake 1/4l156 kCal.

Beef steak with fried egg 1 portion475 kCal.

Beef stew395 kCal.

Beef Tartare 1 portion290 kCal.

Beef, braised with onions438 kCal.

Beef, fatty 100g247 kCal.

Beef, lean 100g130 kCal.

Beef, marbled 100g188 kCal.

Beef, rolled steaks573 kCal.

Beer alcohol-free 1/4l60 kCal.

Beetroot salad85 kCal.

Beuschel398 kCal.

Big Mac550 kCal.

Biscuits20 kCal.

Bitter Lemon 1/4l119 kCal.

Black currant juice 1/4l138 kCal.

Black currants 100g46 kCal.

Black pudding 100g669 kCal.

Blackberries 100g48 kCal.

Bloody Mary 5 cl95 kCal.

Blueberries64 kCal.

Boeuf Stroganoff527 kCal.

Boiled ham 100g207 kCal.

Boiled noodles198 kCal.

Bottle of beer 1/2l235 kCal.

Bounty300 kCal.

Bread dumplings169 kCal.

Bread dumplings, egged, fried576 kCal.

Bread Pumpernickel 100g256 kCal.

Bread roll 1 piece130 kCal.

Bread roll with butter210 kCal.

Bread roll with half fat margarine170 kCal.

Bread soup 1/4l250 kCal.

Bread toast 1 piece, 50g65 kCal.

Bread toast 100g260 kCal.

Bread toast with butter 1 piece105 kCal.

Bread toast with reduced fat margarine 1 pc85 kCal.

Bread white 100g260 kCal.

Breadcrumbs 100g352 kCal.

Brie 50% fat 100g312 kCal.

Brioche crescent133 kCal.

Broccoli 100g31 kCal.

Brussels witloof 100g14 kCal.

Burenwurst(boiled sausage)mustard, bread527 kCal.

Butter 100g780 kCal.

Butter cheese 50% fat, 100g359 kCal.

Buttermilk 1/4l88 kCal.

Cabbage salad115 kCal.

Calamari, fried313 kCal.

Calf tongue 100g140 kCal.

Calves brain 100g120 kCal.

Camembert 30% fat, 100g225 kCal.

Camembert 50% fat, 100g312 kCal.

Campari 5cl56 kCal.

Campari Orange 1/4l116 kCal.

Cannelloni549 kCal.

Cappuccino38 kCal.

Cappuccino with sugar62 kCal.

Carrot juice 1/4l75 kCal.

Carrots 100g34 kCal.

Cauliflower 100g25 kCal.

Cauliflower with buttered breadcrumbs269 kCal.

Caviar 100g300 kCal.

Cervelat 100g518 kCal.

Cevapcici with mustard394 kCal.

Champagne 0,1l90 kCal.

Cheese board with bread535 kCal.

Cheese dumplings839 kCal.

Cheese fondue998 kCal.

Cheese sausage with bread and mustard635 kCal.

Cheese soufflé454 kCal.

Cheese spread 25g85 kCal.

Cheese spread 45% fat, 100g304 kCal.

Cheeseburger355 kCal.

Cherries, sweet 100g65 kCal.

Chewing gum7 kCal.

Chicken meat without skin 100g121 kCal.

Chicken salad332 kCal.

Chicken soup with meat237 kCal.

Chicken, crumbed and fried 1/2 565 kCal.

Chicken, grilled 1/2255 kCal.

Chicken, roast 1/2345 kCal.

Chicken,braised in paprika/sour cream sauce315 kCal.

Chilli con Carne692 kCal.

Chinese cabbage 100g14 kCal.

Chocolate 100g556 kCal.

Chocolate cake 100g315 kCal.

Chocolate cat tongues30 kCal.

Chocolate filling270 kCal.

Chocolate log420 kCal.

Chocolate pudding, steamed544 kCal.

Chocolate, small bar222 kCal.

Clear soup with poached egg 1/4l122 kCal.

Clear vegetable soup 1/4l49 kCal.

Coca Cola 1/4l108 kCal.

Coca Cola light 1/4l13 kCal.

Cocoa 1/4l240 kCal.

Cod 100g76 kCal.

Cod fillet, crumbed335 kCal.

Codfish raw 100g74 kCal.

Coffee0 kCal.

Cognac 2cl50 kCal.

Coley, crumbed, fried346 kCal.

Compote of berries160 kCal.

Cordon Bleu pork683 kCal.

Cordon Bleu turkey600 kCal.

Cordon Bleu veal 585 kCal.

Corn flour 100g359 kCal.

Cornflakes with milk210 kCal.

Cottage cheese 100g105 kCal.

Cow's tongue 100g224 kCal.

Crackers 100g495 kCal.

Cream cheese 60% fat, 100g352 kCal.

Cream of chicken soup 1/4l252 kCal.

Cream strudel406 kCal.

Créme fraiche 100g376 kCal.

Crispbread 1 piece38 kCal.

Crispbread with butter 1 piece75 kCal.

Croquettes359 kCal.

Cucumber 100g10 kCal.

Cucumber salad with sour cream dressing112 kCal.

Custard cream square450 kCal.

Czech rolled bread dumplings336 kCal.

Deep fried dough (similar donuts)216 kCal.

Draught beer 1/2l235 kCal.

Draught beer 1/3l141 kCal.

Dumplings with meat filling635 kCal.

Edam cheese 40% fat, 100g331 kCal.

Egg85 kCal.

Egg salad350 kCal.

Egg white14 kCal.

Egg yolk71 kCal.

Egg, scrambled 2 eggs312 kCal.

Emmentaler 45% fat, 100 g416 kCal.

Endive 100g16 kCal.

Entrecote240 kCal.

Espresso black0 kCal.

False caviar 100g200 kCal.

Fennel 100g42 kCal.

Filet steak305 kCal.

Filled biscuits130 kCal.

Filled, rolled slices of ham305 kCal.

Fish kebab grilled311 kCal.

Fish patty in a roll460 kCal.

Florentines 1 piece.300 kCal.

Flour 100g352 kCal.

Flour dumplings377 kCal.

Flour dumplings, egged, fried140 kCal.

Frankfurter sausages,1 pair, roll, mustard421 kCal.

French fries305 kCal.

Fried egg 1 piece25 kCal.

Fried knockwurst dish613 kCal.

Fruit cake250 kCal.

Fruit juice drink 1/4l125 kCal.

Fruit salad235 kCal.

Fruit yoghurt 180g176 kCal.

Full fat milk 1/4l165 kCal.

Game birds 100g77 kCal.

Gherkin15 kCal.

Gingerbread90 kCal.

Glühwein 1/4l237 kCal.

Gorgonzola 50% fat, 100g368 kCal.

Gouda 30% fat, 100g277 kCal.

Goulash from beef591 kCal.

Goulash from pork765 kCal.

Goulash from veal393 kCal.

Goulash soup 1/4l337 kCal.

Goulash Szegedin style505 kCal.

Goulash with potatoes610 kCal.

Grapefruit80 kCal.

Grapefruit juice 1/4l102 kCal.

Grapes 100g69 kCal.

Green peas 100g77 kCal.

Green salad, vinaigrette95 kCal.

Green salad, yoghurt dressing65 kCal.

Gum bears5 kCal.

Haddock 100g74 kCal.

Ham & eggs with bread, 2 eggs581 kCal.

Ham & eggs, 2 eggs458 kCal.

Ham and noodles, baked698 kCal.

Ham luncheon 100g238 kCal.

Ham luncheon sausage 100g300 kCal.

Ham sandwich239 kCal.

Ham with fat 100g384 kCal.

Ham without fat 100g167 kCal.

Hamburger415 kCal.

Hard smoked sausage 100g518 kCal.

Hare 100g95 kCal.

Hawaii Toast305 kCal.

Hazelnuts 100g687 kCal.

Herring 100g203 kCal.

Honey 100g324 kCal.

Hot chocolate 1/4l287 kCal.

Hotdog310 kCal.

Ice-cream three scoops190 kCal.

Ice-cream, three scoops with whipped cream270 kCal.

Iced coffee260 kCal.

Irish Coffee205 kCal.

Jagdwurst (meat spread) 100g331 kCal.

Jam 100g276 kCal.

Jam dumpling250 kCal.

Kaiserschmarrn (sweet omelette with raisins)468 kCal.

Kandisin 1 tablet.0 kCal.

Kefir 180g115 kCal.

Kidney 100g132 kCal.

Kiwifruit40 kCal.

Knockwurst 100g370 kCal.

Knockwurst with mustard and bread604 kCal.

Kohlrabi 100g27 kCal.

Lamb chop1052 kCal.

Lamb, lean 100g238 kCal.

Lamb, marbled 100g405 kCal.

Landjäger 1 piece281 kCal.

Lasagne671 kCal.

Leberkäse (ground pork loaf) 100g280 kCal.

Leberkäse (ground pork loaf) fried620 kCal.

Leberkäse, slice of in a roll450 kCal.

Leeks 100g38 kCal.

Lemon22 kCal.

Lemonade 1/4l88 kCal.

Lentils and bacon396 kCal.

Lettuce 100g14 kCal.

Liver dumpling soup 1/4l279 kCal.

Liver pâté 100g329 kCal.

Liver sausage 100g439 kCal.

Liver, cow 100g134 kCal.

Lolly10 kCal.

Luncheon sausage 1 slice44 kCal.

Luncheon sausage 100g330 kCal.

Luncheon sausage, poultry 100g68 kCal.

Mackerel 100g187 kCal.

Mandarin13 kCal.

Marble cake306 kCal.

Marble cake364 kCal.

Margarine 1/2 fat 100g373 kCal.

Margarine 100g753 kCal.

Mars bar279 kCal.

Marzipan potatoes25 kCal.

Mayonnaise 30% fat, 100g778 kCal.

Mayonnaise 50% fat, 100g512 kCal.

Meat paste 100g528 kCal.

Meat spread 100g331 kCal.

Melon with ham212 kCal.

Mettwurst(smoked sausage meat spread)100g528 kCal.

Milky Way137 kCal.

Milt 100g112 kCal.

Milt biscuit soup 1/4l324 kCal.

Mince cutlets505 kCal.

Mince patties 2 pieces275 kCal.

Minced beef 100g232 kCal.

Minced filet of beef 100g121 kCal.

Minced pork 100g297 kCal.

Mineral water0 kCal.

Minestrone 1/4l379 kCal.

Mixed grain bread 1 slice 50g123 kCal.

Mixed grain bread 100g246 kCal.

Mixed grain bread with butter, 1 slice202 kCal.

Mixed grain bread with margarine, 1 slice162 kCal.

Mixed Grill350 kCal.

Mixed meat kebab563 kCal.

Mixed salad115 kCal.

Moussaka779 kCal.

Mozzarella 100g207 kCal.

Muesli bar69 kCal.

Multi-vitamin juice 1/4l84 kCal.

Mushroom ragout305 kCal.

Mushroom soup 1/4l254 kCal.

Mushrooms 100g27 kCal.

Mushrooms plain 100g27 kCal.

Mushrooms with butter180 kCal.

Mussel soup 1/4l215 kCal.

Mussels in lemon sauce288 kCal.

Nectarine80 kCal.

Noodle soup 1/4l132 kCal.

Nut cake385 kCal.

Nut cake, creamy410 kCal.

Nuts217 kCal.

Oil 0,1 l929 kCal.

Olives black 1 piece12 kCal.

Olives green 1 piece5 kCal.

Omelette farmer style398 kCal.

Omelette with spinach301 kCal.

Onion soup 1/4l220 kCal.

Onions 100g39 kCal.

Orange58 kCal.

Orange juice 1/4l120 kCal.

Orange juice thinned with water 1/4l60 kCal.

Ovomaltine 1/4l206 kCal.

Oysters 6 raw120 kCal.

Pancakes filled with chocolate sauce619 kCal.

Pancakes with jam535 kCal.

Parmesan 100g389 kCal.

Passion fruit juice 1/4l119 kCal.

Pâté565 kCal.

Peach63 kCal.

Peach bowl213 kCal.

Peach Melba340 kCal.

Peanut puffs 100g525 kCal.

Peanuts 100g622 kCal.

Pear83 kCal.

Pear Helene400 kCal.

Peas149 kCal.

Pepper steak315 kCal.

Peppers green 100g20 kCal.

Peppers red 100g29 kCal.

Pike perch 100g93 kCal.

Pils beer 1/3l160 kCal.

Pistachios 100g642 kCal.

Pizza910 kCal.

Ploughman's lunch 1 portion823 kCal.

Plum dumplings 2 pieces450 kCal.

Plums 100g52 kCal.

Polenta213 kCal.

Popcorn 100g400 kCal.

Poppy seed cake507 kCal.

Pork cutlet, fried750 kCal.

Pork cutlet, grilled with herb butter606 kCal.

Pork escalope 150g350 kCal.

Pork liver 100g140 kCal.

Pork sausage with mustard/horseradish519 kCal.

Pork steak719 kCal.

Pork, fatty 100g363 kCal.

Pork, lean 100g164 kCal.

Pork, leg798 kCal.

Pork, marbled 100g281 kCal.

Pork, roast 811 kCal.

Potato chips 100g572 kCal.

Potato salad 291 kCal.

Potato salad with mayonnaise485 kCal.

Potato soup 1/4l457 kCal.

Potatoes 100g85 kCal.

Potatoes with butter247 kCal.

Potatoes with butter247 kCal.

Potatoes, baked138 kCal.

Potatoes, fried250 kCal.

Potatoes, mashed315 kCal.

Potatoes, plain boiled with salt165 kCal.

Prawns, fried, sauce tartare385 kCal.

Profiteroles soup 1/4l161 kCal.

Pudding125 kCal.

Punch 1/4l356 kCal.

Quark 40% fat, 100g165 kCal.

Quark cake (similar to cheesecake)316 kCal.

Quark strudel364 kCal.

Quark, fat reduced 100g74 kCal.

Rabbit 100g159 kCal.

Radishes 100g17 kCal.

Raisins 100g268 kCal.

Raspberries 100g34 kCal.

Raspberry cordial with soda water 1/4l77 kCal.

Ravioli in tomato sauce482 kCal.

Raw sausagemeat 100g353 kCal.

Rice 100g359 kCal.

Rice boiled218 kCal.

Rice, meat and sauce769 kCal.

Roast beef Burgundy style656 kCal.

Roll with luncheon sausage327 kCal.

Rolled herring110 kCal.

Rum 2cl75 kCal.

Rump steak with fat560 kCal.

Rusk 100g400 kCal.

Rusk 75g28 kCal.

Sachertorte338 kCal.

Salami 100g518 kCal.

Salmon 150g325 kCal.

Salt pretzels 100g397 kCal.

Salted almonds 100g680 kCal.

Salted bread roll135 kCal.

Salzburger Nockerl400 kCal.

Sangria 1/4l245 kCal.

Sardines 100g134 kCal.

Sauerkraut 100g134 kCal.

Sauteed chicken pieces353 kCal.

Sauteed pork pieces461 kCal.

Savoy cabbage 100g45 kCal.

Schnapps 2cl45 kCal.

Schwarzwald Cherry Cake350 kCal.

Semolina 100g354 kCal.

Semolina dumpling soup 1/4l253 kCal.

Sheep's cheese 40% fat, 100g360 kCal.

Slice bread with pork fat and onion285 kCal.

Sliced bread dumpling tossed in egg, fried576 kCal.

Smarties 100g499 kCal.

Smoked ham 100g137 kCal.

Smoked pork503 kCal.

Smoked salmon197 kCal.

Soda with lemon juice 1/4l5 kCal.

Sole 100g78 kCal.

Soletti 1 piece5 kCal.

Soletti 100g363 kCal.

Sour cream 100g129 kCal.

Sour cream soup 1/4l202 kCal.

Spaghetti 100g374 kCal.

Spaghetti Bolognese484 kCal.

Spaghetti Carbonara689 kCal.

Sparkling wine dry 0.1 l75 kCal.

Sparkling wine sweet 0.1 l105 kCal.

Sparkling wine with orange juice 0.2 l123 kCal.

Spinach 100g23 kCal.

Spinach with 1 fried egg235 kCal.

Sponge roll 190 kCal.

Sponge roll with creamy filling150 kCal.

Sponge roll with jam168 kCal.

Spring roll 150g201 kCal.

Stewed apple 1 portion115 kCal.

Strawberries 100g34 kCal.

Strawberries and cream165 kCal.

Stuffed peppers397 kCal.

Styrian boiled pork with root vegetables655 kCal.

Sugar melon 100g52 kCal.

Sugar, 1 cube12 kCal.

Sugar, 1 tsp30 kCal.

Sugar, 100g405 kCal.

Sweet cider 1/4l140 kCal.

Sweet pastry filled with sweet meringue310 kCal.

Sweetie20 kCal.

Swiss sausage and cheese salad498 kCal.

Swiss sauteed veal385 kCal.

Szegedin stewed cabbage and meat725 kCal.

Tafelspitz (boiled beef)359 kCal.

Tea0 kCal.

Tea with lemon, without sugar 1/4l5 kCal.

Tea with rum and 3 sugar cubes 1/4l111 kCal.

Tequila 2cl48 kCal.

Tilsiter 45% fat, 100g378 kCal.

Tiramisu440 kCal.

Toasted cheese sandwich with ketchup290 kCal.

Toasted sandwich, ham and cheese331 kCal.

Tomato juice 1/4l50 kCal.

Tomato salad119 kCal.

Tomato soup 1/4l229 kCal.

Tomatoes 100g19 kCal.

Tonic 1/4l80 kCal.

Tripe 100g146 kCal.

Trout 100g98 kCal.

Trout, fried414 kCal.

Tsatsiki100 kCal.

Tuna 100g244 kCal.

Turkey escalope 150g278 kCal.

Turkey luncheon meat 1 slice30 kCal.

Turkey without skin 100g112 kCal.

Tyrolean bread dumplings with bacon 2 pieces410 kCal.

Tyrolean hash645 kCal.

Underberg small bottle100 kCal.

Vanilla crescents425 kCal.

Veal cutlet fried397 kCal.

Veal escalope 150g260 kCal.

Veal, lean 100g100 kCal.

Veal, liver fried279 kCal.

Veal, liver fried/sour cream sauce372 kCal.

Veal, liver pâté 25g82 kCal.

Veal, marbled 100g115 kCal.

Veal, rolled roast388 kCal.

Veal, steak252 kCal.

Veal, stuffed breast 588 kCal.

Vegetable juice 1/4l65 kCal.

Vegetables tossed in butter135 kCal.

Venison 100g117 kCal.

Venison from roe deer 100g101 kCal.

Viennese Soup 1/4l54 kCal.

Wafers 100g560 kCal.

Walnuts 100g699 kCal.

Watermelon 100g25 kCal.

Weizen beer 1/2 l235 kCal.

Whey 1/4l60 kCal.

Whipped cream 100g354 kCal.

Whisky 2cl50 kCal.

White cabbage with noodles503 kCal.

White coffee with sugar90 kCal.

White coffee without sugar66 kCal.

Whole grain bread roll142 kCal.

Wiener Schnitzel, pork 150g578 kCal.

Wiener Schnitzel, turkey 150g495 kCal.

Wiener Schnitzel, veal 150g480 kCal.

Wine, red 1/4l92 kCal.

Wine, red with soda 1/4l96 kCal.

Wine, rosé 1/4l186 kCal.

Wine, white 1/4l84 kCal.

Wine, white with soda 1/4l92 kCal.

Yoghurt dessert240 kCal.

Yoghurt fat reduced, 1 pot98 kCal.

Yoghurt full fat, 1 pot175 kCal.

Yoghurt muesli with fruit350 kCal.

Zucchini 100g18 kCal.

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The KANDISIN calorie-calculator

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